Since its inception, La Chambre aux échos has regularly presented concert-​readings. These are laboratories in which dialogues between texts and music are sketched out and echoes are heard, some of which will later become shows. As well as being research spaces for us, these concerts are also listening and discovery experiences for the audience.

Tristes cirques (2010), along with Deux vies rêvées de femmes, was part of the company’s inaugural event, in the context of a residency at Hôpital Bretonneau in Paris. In counterpoint to Aleksi Barrière’s readings of his own texts, Clément Mao-​Takacs played the piano to works by Schönberg, Stravinsky and Milhaud.

La vie et le rêve de la vie (2013) was a Secession Orchestra concert conceived and conducted by Clément Mao-​Takacs, combining Mahler’s Fourth Symphony with Alban Berg’s Altenberg-​Lieder. Aleksi Barrière’s translations of Peter Altenberg’s texts were interpreted by actor Laurence Cordier.

On The Road (2015) was a Secession Orchestra concert conceived and conducted by Clément Mao-​Takacs, presenting folk-​inspired classical music from the European and American continents, in dialogue with poems from different cultures translated and performed on stage by Aleksi Barrière.

Elle qui dit oui (2015) is a musical monologue written by Aleksi Barrière to be inserted between the movements of Jean Sibelius’s Kyllikki. It was first performed by actor Laurence Cordier as part of a concert by Secession Orchestra conducted by Clément Mao-​Takacs, on the occasion of the composer’s 150th anniversary.

Aleksi Barrière’s residency at Festival Terraqué (2017-). Each year, as part of the Terraqué Festival in Carnac (Morbihan), Clément Mao-​Takacs invites Aleksi Barrière to propose and perform readings in dialogue with the musical works. It’s a privileged field for experimenting with text/​music relationships, but also for implementing oral translation projects. In 2019, a Schönberg/​Kafka program with pianist Jacques Comby sketched out what was to become the Rien n’a encore eu lieu micro-​series. In 2020, scenes from Shakespeare and version of Ingeborg Bachmann’s “Liebestod” cycle were performed in conjunction with the music of Wagner. In 2021, thematic cycles were devoted to Breton poetry, Dante Alighieri, Alexander Blok, and the Ingeborg Bachmann /​Paul Celan /​Nelly Sachs trio.

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