As Yet Nothing Has Happened

12 episodes

Musical Micro-Series 

First release

20 – 25 April 2020



With this micro-​series, we’re offering to experience, twice a day for a week, two works to which we have returned multiple times: the piano miniatures composed by Schoenberg in 1911, and the aphorisms written by Kafka during a convalescent stay in the countryside in 1917. In the particular temporality of Covid lockdown, whether it is experienced as an aggravated continuation of daily life or as a suspension of time, these two voices invites themselves into the silence and create holes into the great noise of the world. Each day, we offer to listen twice to a fragment from Schoenberg and from Kafka, first on the piano and in German, then in French and with orchestra. Two minutes of meditation and mystery.

This series was conceived, edited and broadcast during the First Lockdown.

“The decisive moment in human development is always the present moment. That is why intellectual revolutionary movements that want to wipe the slate clean are correct: as yet nothing has happened.”

Franz Kafka



La Chambre aux échos


Franz Kafka, Zürau Aphorisms


Arnold Schoenberg,
Six Little Piano Pieces, op. 19

Orchestrations & Musical Direction

Clément Mao-​Takacs

Direction, Translation, French Voice

Aleksi Barrière

German Voice

Thomas Kellner


Jacques Comby

Instrumental Ensemble

Secession Orchestra


All episodes available as a YouTube playlist:

First broadcast from 20 – 25 April, 2020, during the First Lockdown.

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