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La Chambre aux échos is a collective founded in Paris, France by Aleksi Barrière and Clément Mao-​Takacs. From a project’s conception to its realization, each step and artistic decision results from a dialogue and aims for an organic and innovative artistic expression. This collaboration model relies on a network of regular collaborators functioning like a multidisciplinary workshop.

A platform for collaboration between arts and artists, La Chambre aux échos explores all the possibilities of music/​theatre, from staged concerts to music theatre and opera performances, site-​specific immersive experiences and outreach projects.

A column (2014).

In their joint statement “Opera – By Other Means”, artistic directors Aleksi Barrière and Clément Mao-​Takacs contrast the classical model of the opera world with the independent scene model, to offer a new paradigm of collaboration in opera.

“News has it that, once more, disagreements between a conductor and a stage director have put a great opera house on the spot, forcing it to rework its season…”

A few interviews.

Interviews with the collective’s artistic directors:

“Music invites theatre”, portrait feature in Rondo Magazine (1/​2019 — FI)

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