In Progress


1 h 40 min

An opera in 53 dreams
[work in progress]

“If you met a god on the street, would you recognize them?”

What do we learn from our dreams? We encounter memories, fears and fantasies. We visit places both real and imaginary. Some say we catch a glimpse of the future. Either way, it is a space dedicated to exploration, learning and healing.

*WATERFIRE is a free interpretation, in the form of an opera, of the writings of Myōe Shōnin 明恵上人 (1173 – 1232), a Japanese Buddhist monk who championed the social outcasts in his era – best known today for keeping a Dream Diary (Yumenoki) for over forty years.

The audience is invited to experience a dream cycle together, two hours of sound, vision and multiple languages of which we are the dreamers. And as in a dream, we will be visited by familiar things in foreign forms.

Creative Team


Juha T. Koskinen

Libretto & Stage Direction

Aleksi Barrière, based on
Myōe Shōnin’s Dream Diary

Musical Direction

Clément Mao-​Takacs 

Co-​Stage Design & Lighting

Étienne Exbrayat

Production Coordination

La Chambre aux échos

Videos: a meditation and a presentation

Other creations.



Music Theatre Diptych



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