In Progress

Révoltes [Egmont]

70 min

Musical film

Principal Photography

December 2020

Film Release

[in postproduction]

“I dream of a different kind of music.
A furious love, a joy that exhilarates and doesn’t put to sleep.”

Paris, 2020. In an empty theatre transformed, for lack of performances, into a film studio, two actors without an audience perform a show based on Goethe’s Egmont.

At the same time, an orchestra gathers to perform the music from Beethoven’s Egmont: incidental music without dialogue.

In short, everyone is playing, filling an absence.

Theatre and music, face to face, pit their strengths against each other, complementing each other to tell a story. What do they tell about? The Beggars’ Revolt in the Spanish Netherlands in the 16th century: an uprising suppressed like one stokes a fire.

What’s at stake? Revolutions, class struggle, history, Europe, the future. Something is brewing that is about to explode.

Creative Time

Produced by

La Chambre aux échos

after the work by

Ludwig van Beethoven

Written and Directed by

Aleksi Barrière

Musical Direction

Clément Mao-​Takacs

Set and Lighting

Étienne Exbrayat


Morgan Remy


Charlotte Kah


Isabelle Barrière

Sound Engineer

Franck Rossi



Isabelle Seleskovitch


Thomas Kellner

Instrumental ensemble

Secession Orchestra (47 players)

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