Give Me A Few Words

50 min



25 August 2015


Novalis Festival, Croatia

“a few words
for a woman to sing (…)
to build a house (…)
before night comes.” 

Markus Kutter, text for Sequenza III

A duel between a singer and her voice. An opera singer invites us into her workplace. She sings, that is to say, she surrenders her entire body to an exercise in breath that should enable her to reach the pinnacle of accuracy and expressivity, reminiscent of the first human cry, of a mother cradling her child, of the original insurgent or tragedienne dying on an opera stage. Within herself, she finds a voice that offers a thousand possibilities of going beyond what words will or can say… if she can tame it. But to do so, she must confront the other voices inside her, those of society – a journey that might take her to madness and beyond.



La Chambre aux échos


Marianne Seleskovitch

Dramaturgy, Stage Direction & Design

Aleksi Barrière 

Musical consultant

Clément Mao-​Takacs

Works by

Luciano Berio
John Cage
Morton Feldman
Isidore Isou
Clément Mao-​Takacs
Giacinto Scelsi



20 October 2012 (workshop perf.)

Médiathèque Hélène Berr, Paris

25 août 2015 (premiere)

Novalis Festival, Croatia

21 – 28 June 2017 (French premiere)

Festival Intervalles, Paris

4 – 8 September 2017

Festival Terraqué, Carnac

12 – 14 September 2017

Festival Intervalles, Paris

7 March 2019

Tampere-​Talo, Finland

16 November 2019

Finnish Institute, Paris


July 2017

“Singer Marianne Seleskovitch, with her warm, expressive voice, masters her art to perfection… She moves with ease, and thanks to a simple but ingenious staging by Aleksi Barrière, the audience is taken from surprise to surprise.”

Recommendation by the Association pour le Développement de l’Éveil Musical

September 2017

“Long live this hard-​hitting, intelligent, inspiring… and funny show!”

Armelle Trouche, armelletrouche​.com

Read the notes by Aleksi Barrière (FR): 

GIVE ME A FEW WORDS avec Marianne Seleskovitch

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