An Opera-In-Progress

Music by Juha T. Koskinen
Text and stage direction Aleksi Barrière
based on the dream diary of Myoe Shonin


*WATERFIRE is a free interpretation in the form of an opera of the writings of Myoe Shonin (1173-1232), a Japanese monk who took concrete action in favor of the rejects and outcasts of his time –but he is most famous for keeping a Dream Diary (Yumenoki) for over forty years.

What do we learn from our dreams? In them we meet memories, fears, fantasies. We visit real and imaginary places. Some say we witness glimpses from the future. At any rate, it is a space of exploration, of learning and of healing.

The audience is invited to experience one dream cycle together, two hours of sound, vision and multiple languages of which we are the dreamers. Like in a dream, we will be visited by familiar things in strange forms.

Musical Direction: Clément Mao-Takacs

Co-Scenography & Lighting Design: Étienne Exbrayat

Japanologist & Translator of original sources: Miika Pölkki

Production coordination: La Chambre Aux Échos

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