La Passion de Simone / Melos-Ethos Festival

La Chambre aux échos, led by its two-fold artistic direction, is nevertheless a collective, that produces performances with trusted partners who are determining contributors to its identity and esthetics.


Secession Orchestra / instrumental ensemble
Secession Orchestra © Festival de Saint-DenisSecession Orchestra is an elite formation of thirty musicians. Under the musical and artistic direction of Clément Mao-Takacs, the orchestra promotes the repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries, working with contemporary composers and multiple collaborations and exchanges between the arts, especially through projects developed together with the company La Chambre aux échos. The activity of Secession Orchestra was positively acclaimed from its beginning for the excellent quality and didactic value of the various projects. Each cultural action being considered a social one, Secession Orchestra conveys a new vision: it aims at reshaping the traditional classical concert, putting forward conceptual programs and reinventing the link between musicians and the audience at the heart of society.

ExbrayatÉtienne Exbrayat was born in Paris in 1979. Since his graduation from the École nationale supérieur des arts décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris, where he majored in video and interactive research, he has explored various aspects of audiovisual creation, as a director photography, a video and visual artist, and a lighting designer. He has participated in workshops lead by Marie-Hélène Pinon, Dominique Mabileau and Philippe Marioge, and develops currently his own approach to theatre, centered on his work on light, and exploring various possibilities of relationship to time and space and to the audience. Collaborators include Yeux de l’Ouïe, Cirque Baroque, Cie Terraine Vague, Collectif BIB, Steven Bachimont, Jacques Châtelet, Jean-Marie Prouvèze, Balloon Chain Project, la Cie Automne 2085, Groupe ACM, Arkadi Zaides.
Pauline Squelbut / scenographer
paulinesquelbutPauline Squelbut is based in Strasbourg, where she graduated from the École supérieure des arts décoratifs (ESADS) in 2008, and works on various aspects of space design, from museums and fine arts residencies to live performances and festivals. She has presented site-specific installations and performances with various collaborators in Belgium and Serbia (Collectif OKUP), Thailand (Compagnie Théâtre de l’Enjeu) and Africa (Scénographies urbaines and Collectif Eza Possibles), including in the framework of the EZAOKUP project she coordinates since 2009. Apart from such collective and personal endeavors, she has also worked as a stage and costume designer for various theatre and opera companies, most notably with the Compagnie La Poussière Rouge, and has mentored many workshops.