Competence sharing

conferenceCompelled to share their experience –in producing, realizing and distributing concerts and performances, in creating collaborations between artists in an interdisciplinary approach, and in putting together pedagogical workshops and exchange platforms– the members of the collective La Chambre aux échos collaborate with various cultural actors.

They help festivals, theatres and other structures to conceive and realize artistic programs and develop their activity according to various themes:

  • music and audience: reinventing the artist/audience relationship through cultural mediation, pedagogy, new technologies;
  • music and the stage: underlining and emphasizing the bridges between music and the other arts in order to better understand the performed works, explicating the logics of collaboration between a team’s members, formulating propositions for a new era in the fields of opera, music theatre, and classical concert;
  • culture and economy: realizing the fusion of economical models and distribution networks, now necessary in order to decompartmentalize fields and audiences.
    La Chambre aux échos’s members’ interventions can take various forms: private and public lectures, participations in round tables and symposiums, customized studies and propositions.

To discuss these topics with our team, please contact us.