La Passion de Simone / Festival de Saint-Denis
Artistic direction




Who are we?

La Chambre aux échos was born from the impulse of the first performance created together by Aleksi Barrière and Clément Mao-Takacs, in 2010: Deux vies rêvées de femmes. From this first fruitful collaboration, where musical and theatrical aspects where conceived ‘in concert’ and put together in a spirit of continued discussion, stemmed the project of developing together an esthetics of dialogue between arts, materialized by an originally structured company: two artistic directors, equal and complementary, each motivated by their desire to nurture their respective crafts with the expertise and visions of the other, and to develop the production models that would allow this utopian project to be realized.

The natural ground for such an encounter is of course the operatic form, but not exclusively, as is demonstrated by the two artists’ steady desire of building, from works first written for the concert hall or the printed media, total art forms, that therefore challenge from their very inception the conventions for which they were originally created.

The company’s activities, centered on the production of music theatre pieces, is always expanded to all forms of performances inspired by the same artistic issues, to active collaborations with various individuals and organizations of the art world, and to numerous pedagogical endeavors considered as a natural extension of the artist’s role in today’s society.

Developing a critical and theoretical work is also central to the company’s artistic directors’ project, keeping in mind that an ambitious and coherent craftsmanship cannot dispense with structured reflection and all various influences that can be provided by academic research.

This artistic venture is by essence collaborative, and each project is accordingly an opportunity to expand a circle of artistic partners from all fields, who are gathered in each performance or intervention in various combinations.