Text, space, music

Exit_SquareA Paris based company, La Chambre aux échos is intended as a platform of collaborationbetween arts, aiming to present alternative forms of shows, performances, concerts, readings, exhibitions and conferences. It attempts to give an audience as wide as possible access to works from past and present (20th and 21st centuries), believed by its artists to be essential, and often compared and connected through combinations and double-bills. The company’s ambition is to create a space for mahler_vert_cutcrafts and arts to meet, communicate and work in a true interaction, by gathering the best conditions for an organic and ambitious (music) theatre –not without always adding a pedagogical aspect by combining the performance with workshops, lectures and other artistic forms. Preoccupied for a long time by these matters, writer-director Aleksi Barrière and conductor-pianist­composer Clément Mao–Takacs decided to found together this protean collective in order to give life to the committed vision they share.

« This team has already created a series of unusual evenings of lyric theater that show remarkable imagination, range, ingenuity, and astonishing ambition. Their plans for the near future are even more impressive. […] These are committed and idealistic young artists, and they regard the next chapter in the history of “Classical Music” as their responsibility and particular challenge. They have many more ideas and they have energy to burn. »

Peter Sellars, stage director